Final Blog week 4

In this blog, I will be reflecting on the games that happened last week and having a short prediction list of this week’s games that way there is something to talk about for next weeks blog. Last week was a horrible week for me guessing the right games with 6 of my guesses being wrong. This week I will just be going over the games I guessed wrong.

The biggest upset for me was the Bears against the Giants this was a high scoring game leaving people thinking that maybe the Giants are better than their record suggests. Although The main reason why the bears lost was because they did not have their starting quarterback in. I predicted this game to be won by the bears and I was wrong. The Packers against the Cardinals was just a horrible game by the Packers which as a result they fired their head coach Mike McCarthy which is better for the organization he was trying to make the team something that it wasn’t this season with everything revolved around the passing game. He refused to start the star running back Aaron Jones for the majority of the season and only gives he an average of 12 carries a game when he should be getting 20 plus carries. Cardinals won this game somehow with a quarterback only throwing for 149 yards (NFL). My prediction was wrong. The next game I guess wrong was the Colts against the Jags. This was just a good game for the Jags defense shutting out the Colts. They kept them from scoring any points meanwhile the Colts defense is so bad that they allowed the Jags offense to score which is very bad on their part. The Colts came into this game on a winning streak and I thought they were a good enough team to hold that streak, but I guessed wrong. The next game that I guessed wrong was the Vikings against Patriots game. The Vikings failed to get the running game going and they sometimes try to force the ball into their playmaker’s hands like Diggs and Thielen. The Patriots seemed calm and were able to come into that game doing whatever they wanted to win that game. I guessed that game and this will probably be the last time that I predict the Vikings to win because they look horrible. The next game that I guessed wrong was the Eagles against the Redskins, I guessed the Redskins because I felt that Alex Smith was not that big of a deal to this team because of all the other players they have on defense, but I was mistaken and they lost to a very injured Eagles team. This will also be the last time that I guess the game for the Redskins. Another game I guessed wrong was the Chargers against Steelers game and I knew that the Chargers were good, but in my defense, they have been inconsistent and they lost their running back Melvin Gordon. The Chargers played at a very high level this game and Keenan Allen had an incredible game it seemed as if he was the only other receiver in the game with how many plays he made. The last game that I guessed wrong was the Dolphins against the Bills game. The Dolphins got their quarterback back which he threw for 3 touchdowns. Both teams looked similar in skills. in my opinion, the bills should’ve won this game Josh Allen needed a little more air on the game-winning play. Either way, I still guessed the game wrong which I guessed the Bills to win mainly because of their good defense, but I was wrong. My predictions for next week are Titans vs Jags: Titans, Panthers vs Browns: Panthers, Ravens vs Chiefs: Chiefs, Colts vs Texans: Texans, Patriots vs Dolphins: Pats, Giants vs Redskins: Giants, Saints vs Bucs: Saints, Falcons vs Packers: Packers, Jets vs Bills: Bills, Bengals vs Chargers: Chargers, Broncos vs 49ers: Broncos, Cowboys vs Eagles: Cowboys, Steelers vs Raiders: Steelers, Lions vs Cardinals: Lions, Bears vs Rams: Bears, Vikings vs Seahawks: Seahawks.

Blog Tour 2

My second blog tour I will be looking over EPJ’s blog or his name being Elias’ blog. The topic for his blog seemed to be about motivation, Lifestyle, and Wisdom. At first glance of his blogs, I thought instantly of how organized they are and how nice they all come together to fit the specific theme of his blogs. In his blog posts, he has lots of quotes and motivation words that have helped him complete the goals that he talks about in his blogs. In his first blog posts, he talks about how he is going to set up his blog for the final project. The three main things or goals that he is working on during the final projects are kindness, voice, and discipline. I like how he talks about where he is on with those goals and how he is working on achieving them. He is also very honest during the blogs saying how on some of the goals he is not very good at them, but that’s the reason he is working on them. He explains each of the goals he wants and where he wants to be once he has reached his goals. During the weeks after posting the goals of his blogs, he adds things like quote analysis and something called a motivational wall where he posts the most inspirational quotes that he can find to help him with some of the daily struggles that either him or the people reading them could use. In one of Eli’s more recent posts, he talks about something that is going on in his personal life. I like that he added this to the blog because it makes you feel like you are getting to know him better through sharing some of his own experiences. He talks about in that post how his family decided to move to Florida while he wanted to finish high school in his home state, so he decided to live with his grandma. If I was in the same situation I would’ve done the same thing he did, you spend many years with the people around you in high school and the majority of you are learning about the world at the same time making it special to graduate with the people you have known for so long. Eli relates the post back to the theme of his blogs which is motivation and self-betterment. I like that he added last part of the post where he states that you sometimes are not ready for change, but once you go through it you’ll learn from it making you stronger. Overall I like how is blog posts are made and the organization of it all. I like how he stays on the theme and adds a little of his own personal life into his blogs making them interesting to read.

Blog tour 1

The first blog that I looked over for my blog tours was Eddie’s blog. Eddie’s blog is about his experiences with being a student-athlete specifically in playing basketball. In his blogs, he talks about some of his own days being a student-athlete or talking about subjects that other athletes go through. Like for example, he talked about why student-athletes should be paid and how coaches and ruin the experience of playing sports. Some of the things he talks about in the blogs I can relate to, although he is in college playing sports I am still in high school playing sports experiencing some of the things that he is talking about in his blog posts. Like for example some of the things he talks about is how practice is going and sometimes having a bad practice will lead to problems in the game and not executing the coaches plan. He often says that the reason why they lose the game is that they did not execute the game plan correctly and did not put the blame on any of his teammates which is an excellent characteristic to have while playing sports. The majority of them are relating back to his own personal experiences making them more entertaining to read. I also think that his blogs stay on a good topic on his experiences with sports and relating any other topics he talks about back to himself making them all follow a specific uniform. Along with reading the posts about the sports, he tells you things that happened in his personal life letting you get to know him better. I also like the posts that he talks about in his blogs I think that they are all interesting topics and even if you are not into sports it makes you want to keep reading them because they are entertaining. Eddie talks about things that are going on in the RCTC basketball team letting you in on some of the things that go on behind the scenes of the team. He says things like what they did wrong in the game and how they can improve and he also talks about the team’s morale as the season goes on. I felt that adding this aspect to his blogs made them very entertaining to read and liked how he adds in some things that the coach even said after or before the game. Each blog is like an overview of what it is like to be a college athlete explaining his day in detail. I also noticed that the structure of the blog was very good with having some be the blogs about his team and his life and also some topics of the sports community in general. Overall on the blog, I think Eddie has done an excellent job on them and all of them are entertaining to read and have followed the specific uniform that works well with his blog posts.

Final Blog Week 3 3

In this blog posts, I will be relating to my predictions and analyzing some of the football games that happened in the past week.

The first right guess I had was the Cowboys against Redskins game. The biggest reason why the Cowboys beat the redskins is that the offense started to clean up a lot of their mistakes at the beginning of the year. Dak Prescott is not turning the ball over as much anymore and now no one can stop the Dallas run game with Elliott. The Redskins are missing their starting quarterback and it definitely shows in this game with the backup coming in and throwing for 3 interceptions. Also, the rushing attack for the redskins just was not there with an average of 2.9 yards per carry which is very bad (NFL). The final score was 31-23 and a pretty easy win for the Cowboys. The next game is the Saints against the Falcons the Saints gave the Falcons no chance to win the game. The Saints playing great football in all areas, rushing for over 100 yards, throwing for 4 touchdowns, and getting 5 sacks on Matt Ryan. The Falcons barely rushed for 10 yards which makes it too reliant on the passing game, but with a slow start, they had to ditch the run game early to catch up to a face paced offense like the Saints. The final score was 31-17. Next game I guessed right was the Ravens and Raiders game. To me, this was an easy pick the Raiders are horrible and the whole organization is being run into the ground with bad coaching decisions in the offseason. The Ravens have their starting quarterback which would usually be detrimental for a team’s chances to win the game, but the backup quarterback is Lamar Jackson who is a rookie, but can make lots of big plays. The Ravens utilize him especially with his feet with rushing for almost 100 yards each game he has played making him hard to gameplan against because of his dual-threat ability with throwing and running. 49ers and Buc was another game I guessed right mainly because of all of the injuries that the 49ers have making it an easy win for the Bucs. I guess the upset for the Browns and the Bengals mainly because under new coaching for the Browns they look like a solid team, Baker Mayfield was on fire this game throwing for 4 touchdowns and no interceptions making them blow past a weak Bengals team. For the Bengals, I would like them to give the ball to Joe Mixon at least 20 times per game because he is averaging 6.4 yards (NFL). The Pats against the Jets was an easy game the Pat are too good to be upset by the jets who did not have a defense at all on Sunday. The Pats just giving the ball to Sony Michel to win them the game where he rushed 21 times for 133 yards (NFL). Cardinals against the Chargers, the Chargers won the game because of the record-setting performance by Philip Rivers completing all, but one pass in this game. That alone reason will win a game for a team. The Colts and Dolphins game I guess the Colts to win because the Colts are a lot better than their 5-5 record suggests. Both teams looked pretty evenly matched. The game would’ve been tied if it wasn’t for the late game throw downfield to put the Colts into field goal area giving them the last point to allow them to win the game. The Vikings against Packers game was sort of an easy pick for me because I knew the Vikings defense could stop the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers only throwing for 198 yards and one touchdown against Kirk Cousins throwing for 342 yards in three touchdowns making them fly past the Packers (NFL). Titans have looked awful in the recent weeks and the Texans just picked them apart. Lamar Miller with a big run in the game making him average 13.5 yards a carry which is phenomenal for an average (NFL).

The Season is starting to round up now making it easier to pick games because the teams are reaching their potential and being more consistent overall.

Final Blog Week 3 2

In this blog, I will be going over the ones that I guessed wrong last week which I aimed to get more right than I did last week, and I did I got exactly one more right this week which means I have gotten better at this.

The first game that I got wrong was the Eagles against Giants game. This was a very close game. The game ended with Eli forcing the ball to Odell, and Odell getting pass interfered and were not able to get the touchdown out of that drive. As a result of that meant that the two teams were tied. Then the Giants defense seemed to get a stop then the Eagles went for it on 4th down and got a big pass to Nelson Aghlor setting up the game-winning field goal. This game could have gone either way and neither of them are very great or consistent teams so this game was a tough pick.

The next game that I guessed wrong was the Jaguars and the Bills. Both teams have similar records and with two teams that are not playoff bound its hard to tell which team is going take the win. I was wrong about the Jags defense in my post last week saying that the Jags defense and offense were better than the Bills. The Bills defense is ranked 2 on the ESPN rankings and Josh Allen really brought the offense of the Bills together on Sunday, but is very inconsistent in his play as expected from a rookie quarterback. Blake Bortles is bringing the Jags offense down with two interceptions and only one touchdown while the rushing game worked for them with their star running back coming back from injury.

The Seahawks against the Panthers is another game I got wrong. The Panthers just have not been good lately due to their inability to finish games out. From a statistical standpoint, the Panthers did play a better game. Both quarterbacks Russel and Cam had almost identical all-purpose yards and the same amount of touchdowns. Cam just had one interception, but the running game from the Panthers was unstoppable with Christian McCaffrey rushing for 17 carries on 125 yards with 7.4 yards per carry according to the NFL stats. The Seahawks had no rushing game due to the the strong Carolina defense making the Seahawks running backs only rushing for 3.4 yards per carry which is definitely not how you want to be running the ball(NFL).

The next game that I guessed wrong was the Steelers against the Broncos. This game was a big upset for the Steelers. The Broncos just overall played a better game with the undrafted rookie rushing for 110 yards on only 14 carries. The Steelers defense could not keep up with the passing and rushing attack of the Broncos making the Steelers defense stand on the field for too long. Ben threw for 462 yards, but they only rushed for 53 yards which makes an unbalanced attack for the Steelers making them lose the game. The big play that ended the game was a defensive lineman picking off a dump route Ben threw making the Broncos win the game. If I had to pick who would win this game again I would go with the Broncos, they seemed to know how to shut the Steelers down.

The games that I guessed wrong this week were tough games to guess and more than half were toss-ups, but I look to improve like always for next week.

Final Blog week 3

Once I started doing these blogs I started to understand some of the teams more. I think this week I can bounce back from guess five games wrong and maybe improve.

Bears against Giants is a pretty easy one based on the rank one defense for the Bears making it hard for a struggling Eli Manning (ESPN). The Giants still have not been able to turn things around and looks like their season is over and won’t make the playoffs. Bears will win.

Cardinals against Packers I feel this is an easy pick because the Packers are going to want the next five games badly and will be able to take the win over one of the worst teams in the league in my opinion. My pick is the Packers.

Colts against the Jags I think this will be a close game because the Jags record does not show good they actually are, The jags will be trying something new this week with benching their starting quarterback Blake Bortles which has played very badly this year. This makes the Jags have a better chance to beat the Colts, but the Colts have played like a playoff team recently. My pick is the Colts, but I feel this will be a close game.

Browns against Texans though the Browns have looked good recently the Texans have a legit chance of making it to the Superbowl and I don’t think there will be an upset this week.

Panthers Against the Bucs. I think this is a hard one because I keep guessing the Panthers will win, but they keep disappointing me. The Panthers play down to the team they are facing and cannot finish any game with a win. So I am going to go against the Panthers this week with the Bucs. The Bucs seem to have found their quarterback with Jamis Winston. Based on who the Bucs have this season you wouldn’t expect them to be playing as well as they are, but this year they are actually an underrated team. So my pick is the Buccaneers.

The Bill against the Dolphins. The Bills have been playing well this season and unexpectedly playing will with their rookie quarterback Josh Allen. As well as their defense is doing well with being ranked 2nd in yards per game (ESPN). The Dolphins had a bad start to their season with Ryan Tannehill being out and finally active for the past couple of weeks so it’s hard to tell where the Dolphins are going this season. My pick is the Buffalo Bills.

Broncos against Bengals. The Bengals lost their quarterback Andy Dalton this game. With the Bengals already struggling and now a missing quarterback I don’t see them winning this game. Broncos look like they’re going to make a playoff run after their win last week against the Steelers.

Raven against Falcons. The Falcons look weak this season and the Ravens have too good of a defense to lose. Ravens will win.

Rams against Lions, the Lions are last in their Division and do not have a chance against the powerhouse of the Rams. Rams will win.

Chiefs against Raiders. Raiders are the worst team in the NFL. Chiefs will win.

Jets against Titans, Both teams have looked horrible in the recent weeks. The Jets have a rookie quarterback that is leading the league in interceptions, and the Titans have not gotten a win in a while. My prediction is the Titans.

49ers against Seahawks, Seahawks will win.

Redskins against eagles, Redskins will win even though the loss of their starting quarterback.

Chargers against Steelers, The Steelers have two good receivers making it too hard to put two good corners on both of them. Chargers played very well last week, but have played a little inconsistent. Also, chargers are missing Melvin Gordon this week making it lean more towards Steelers. My pick is the Steelers.

Vikings against the Pats. This is the hardest game to predict this week. The Vikings have not played great recently, and the Pats are starting to round up the season getting ready for playoffs. I will have to go with my own team the Vikings.

Week 12

Last week I got more wrong than I wanted, but I look to bounce back this week. At first glance, it is not looking good for me because there are a lot of evenly matched teams this week.

Cowboys against Redskins, every bit of me wants to go with Redskins based off of how good their team has been this year, but based off of the quarterback that got hurt I will go with Cowboys. The Cowboys seem like they are finally starting to turn their season around from a rough start.

The Bears against the Lion, For me after the Bears beating the Vikings last week I think the Bears are just a better overall team against the Lions. Although the starting quarterback this week for the bears is Chase Daniels, the Bears just have more playmakers and they have a good defense to stop Matt Stafford. So my pick is the Bears which is a hard decision.

The last Thanksgiving game is Falcons against the Saints. There is not much to talk about in this game the Saints will win because they are the best team in the NFL. Falcons have too many injuries and have not been able to get a win against teams that are not nearly as good as the saints. So overall easy pick for this game, Saints.

Eagles against Giants. I think the Giants have the ability to win this game and I think they will. The Giants have a lot of big players and they need to play their best if they want to beat the Eagles. The Eagles have looked really bad and have no hope to turn their season around. It all depends on how the two quarterbacks play with Eli needing to play better because he is the main reason why the Giants have a bad record. The former MVP candidate has not been able to play very well this season to get his team some wins.

The Jags against the Bills, both teams have played poorly this season, but the Jags are just a better team on both sides of the ball, and the Bills can’t find a decent quarterback to get them wins. The Jags defense is too good to not pick them for this game.

Seahawks against the Panthers is a harder game to pick. The Seahawks defeated a good Packers team which was quite unexpected. The Panthers have been on a losing streak, but I feel that Panthers can get this win after a devastating loss last week  losing by one point. My prediction for this game is Panthers.

Raiders against Ravens, Ravens will win.

49ers against the Buccaneers, the 49ers have surprised people with many injuries to their team, but still able to make games close. After all the injuries to the 49ers team, I will have to pick the Bucs which surprisingly has not looked horrible. The game depends on how many turnovers the quarterbacks will have, Whoever has less will most likely win the game for their team.

The Browns against the Bengals is a very hard game to pick. The Bengals have their best player injured right now making me want to pick the upset for the Browns. The game is going to depend on if the Bengals get Joe Mixon in the game that they failed to do last game resulting in a loss. I think the Browns have looked good so I will have to go with the upset win with the Browns.

Jets against Pats this game is an easy game to pick because the Patriots won’t lose to a team that is 3-7 (NFL). The Pats have not looked great or like their normal spot in the top three teams, but they will get the win in this game making them 8-3.

Cardinals against Chargers, Chargers will win because Cardinals are the worse team.

Steelers against the Broncos, Steelers offense has looked great this season and I do not think the good Broncos defense can stop them.

Colts against Dolphins, Dolphins have had lots of injuries making it impossible for me to have them beat the great Colts teams that are on a win streak and coming into this week off a big win against the Titans.

A major game Vikings against Packers which is a tough game to pick because of how the packers are good sometimes, same with the Vikings too. I think the Vikings will take this one because they are better on both sides of the ball with more playmakers at the moment.

Titans against Texans. Texans will win they are on a win streak and looking like one of the better teams at this point in the season. Titans almost got shut out last week against the colts making this game an easy pick for the Texans.

Looking Back at Week 11 (2)

My last post was about all the games that I guess right last week while this blog post is about the ones that I guess wrong and trying to understand how I got them wrong. Normally I would not make a whole post about this, but I had a lot wrong this week and I felt it needed to be put into a separate post.

Panthers against Lions, I got this one wrong mainly because I have trust in the Panthers that they are a good team, but in recent weeks they have looked awful with not being able to complete drives and score. The Lions played a good game with lots of big catches that put them in the lead by one point to win the game with 19-20. Cam Newton still had a great game, but it was not enough for the Panthers to close that one point difference. They lost the game because of the early missed field goal by the Panthers kicker Graham Gano which he is usually on point with his kicks. After the Panthers marched down the field in the last bit of the fourth quarter they scored the touch down they instead went for the two-point conversion which was quite honestly a stupid decision. Extra points are hard to miss and you have a better chance making the extra point off a kick even if your kicker is having a rough game. They did not have trust in Gano making them lose the game because they did not want to push the game into overtime. If they played again I would still pick the Panthers.

Bengals against Ravens, I got this game wrong mainly because it is a 50/50 toss up between these teams they are almost identical in who has the most skills and playmakers. This was just a random guess and If I had to pick this game again I would not be able to choose because of how similar they are. I leaned towards the Bengals because I thought that their star running back Joe Mixon could get the job done, but he had 12 carries with only 14 yards, that’s a 1.4 yards per carry average! (NFL). Ravens won and my guess was wrong.

The next game I got wrong was the Broncos against the chargers. In my opinion, the Chargers were looking like one of the top teams for a while and they have a lot of hidden talent. The winner of this game was whoever had the most defensive plays with 2 interceptions and 3 sacks which is a great defensive effort by the Broncos. Philip Rivers did all he could this game with throwing for 401 yards and two touchdowns according to NFL. The Chargers could not get a running game going meanwhile, the Broncos had no problem running the ball with Philip Linsay getting 70 yards with two touchdowns (NFL). The game was only decided by a one-point differential and if I had to choose who would win this game I would have to go with the Chargers because of what they have done in the recent weeks.

Raiders against the Cardinals was a pretty expected boring game with both teams not having a chance at playoffs and seemed like this game would be the only game for either team to win the game. The Cardinals are still struggling with poor coaching with not giving the ball to David Johnson every down because he is averaging 5 yards a carry which is excellent for the poor team around him. The Raiders are just a bad team with even worse coaching. Jon Gruden has thrown away every good player on their team making them a very bare and weak team, but somehow still better than the Cardinals I guess.

The Vikings against Bears was a good game this week, but underwhelming in terms of how the Vikings came to play. The main thing that makes the Vikings good about their defense is that they have a top three defensive line with a great secondary making them impossible to score on. The defensive line could not get pressure making it hard on the secondary to make plays, although one defensive back stepped up with two interceptions it still was not enough to win the game. The Vikings also only rushed for 20 yards which can’t happen if you want to win the game, especially against a good Bears team. Those two variables were the deciding factor of that game with no rushing attack and not great defensive line play which is usually very good.

Looking Back at Week 11

The NFL had a lot of upsets this week in who was expected to win some of the games. When I was deciding the predictions for the games I thought there was no way I got any of these predictions wrong. I realize now that it is a lot hard than it looks to guess these games and who will win. I predicted five wrong games last week and I look to this week to see if I can not improve each week. In this, I will be going over the games that I guessed right and the next blog will be about the wons that I got wrong.

Colts against the Titans was a hard pick for me mainly because of how the Titans had a better record than the Colts and based off of the Titans number one scoring defense makes it hard not to pick them for this game. I decided to go with the Colts because they are finally healthy on offense with Ty Hilton coming back which is a major target for Andrew luck with Hilton catching 9 receptions with 155 yards according to NFL statistics. Also I choose the Colts because of how they have been on a winning streak looking like a team that should make playoffs.

Buccaneers against the Giants. For me I thought this was an easy pick with the Giants because of the number of playmakers on their team, just not exactly found a way to incorporate all of them yet because they are all so young. The Bucs have looked bad in the recent weeks trying to find the best quarterback to play switching them in and out which can not be good for a team trying to win. My easy pick started to scare me towards the end of the game because the final score was 35-38 with the Giants win. It seemed that there was no defense and the offenses were just going down the field each time uncontested. The run was wide open all game with Saquan Barkly scoring 2 touchdowns and Payton barber rushing for over 100 yards.

Steelers against Jags game was a close game with Steelers coming back in the second half. Jags played well this game for their record suggest playing excellent defense and the Steelers which should be a playoff team did not play well on any side of the ball.

Cowboys against Falcons. Harder pick because Cowboys are inconsistent with a good offense sometimes no offense at all. I still got the game right mainly because the Falcon’s team fell apart with injuries all over and they can not get a win.

Texans against Redskins, this was one of the major matchups in last weeks games. The Redskins had their quarterback hurt which made it hard for them to win the game in the second half with Colt McCoy stepping in, but he still played a good game under the circumstances. The Texans seemed to not be able to find their passing game with only 208 yards passing with one touchdown (NFL). It seemed to not matter though because they squeezed out the win doing the bare minimum and continuing their win streak putting them into playoffs if they continue.

The Saints against the Eagles I said last week was a good game for the Eagles to turn their season around because they have the Superbowl potential with most of the same players. I was completely wrong thinking they could turn their season around because they got dominated. I think the Saints are the best team in football right now with no question about that for me, but the Superbowl defenders could have at least put up a fight. There was no stopping Drew Brees in this game and the duo running backs got great yards per carry with both of them being over 5. The Eagles could not stop anything on defense.

The Rams against the Chiefs was everything and more from what we expected. A high scoring game and the winner of the game would be whoever got the ball last which was exactly what happened. 51-54 this broke a record for having both teams over 50 points which has never happened. It is not like there was no defense either there were a total of 3 defensive touchdowns. Both teams seemed similar in capability and I feel that the top three teams in the NFL are Saints, Chiefs, and Rams. In conclusion, if these two teams faced off again it would be a toss-up.

Sunday Games Final Blogs

This is the first blog to my final project. In this blog, I will be talking about the predictions for this upcoming Sunday’s games and some key players to be looking at for this week. This is a different style week being that one of the blogs was replaced with a father blog. Next week will mark the start of the “normal blogging week” that I have set up. This is a great week to start on because of the games that are on this week with a lot of them being good games. There are a lot of games going on Sunday so I will be analyzing the important games while just giving the prediction for the others.

The first game I will be looking at is the Vikings game mainly because they are my favorite team in football. Vikings are facing the bears this week, which will be a great game because they are to two leading teams in the NFC North and whoever wins this game will be the leader in that division. Looking at this game the bears seem to have the upper hand just looking that their defense and offense statics. The bears are averaging 29.9 points per game and the defense is allowing 19.4 points per game. The Vikings are averaging 24.6 points per game and the defense is allowing 22.7 points allowed per game according to NBC Sports. Off of just looking at the stats of these teams it should be an easy pick on who’s going to win, but I think that the Vikings will win this game mainly because of the bad teams that Bears have faced compared to the Vikings hard schedule. The next game I will be talking about is the Chiefs against the Rams. This is most likely going to be the best game in the regular season because both teams are top three in all of football right now. These teams are oddly similar with weak defenses and very strong offenses lead by two strong quarterbacks that are having great seasons. For my prediction of this game is going to be the Rams because the Chiefs may have more players for offense to score faster than the Rams, but the Rams have a slightly better chance with stopping them on defense mainly because of Aaron Donald that is bound to have at least a couple sacks stopping their drives. The last game I will be talking about is the Saints against the super bowl defending champs the Eagles. For me, the prediction is an easy pick because I believe that the Saints are easily the best team in football, but is a good matchup because the Eagles have been underperforming this year, but still have a chance to turn their season around. The Saints are impossible to stop because of the quarterback Drew Brees that has only thrown one interception on the whole season and the two all-pro running back Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram which are strong at the others weakness. The Eagles have playmakers but have failed to find ways to throw them into their offenses. For more of a quick rundown for the remaining games. Titans against Colts, Colts. Bucs against Giants, Giants. Steelers vs Jags, Steelers. Panthers vs Lions, Panthers. Falcons vs Cowboys, Cowboys. Bengals vs Ravens, Bengals. Texans vs Redskins, Texans (mainly because of their new trade adds). Raider vs Cardinals, Cardinals. Broncos vs Chargers, Chargers.  

This should be a great week for football and I am looking forward to seeing how many games I guessed right. During next week blogs I will go in each game I guess and see where I went wrong.